Welcome to Acacia School

AciSchool is a very different and unique private school. Our teaching model is very simple and follows the principle of Learning to know, solve and live. Know by gaining knowledge, solve by finding solutions and live by achieving your goals. 

We believe the simplest, is always the best. Our vision is not about the number of students, but the success of each student. We believe that an ocean, can sink anything that does not have a foundation. Thus, it is very crucial and essential for each student to have a strong foundation that can help him/her, sail through the obstacles of life.

It is important to note that education for a child, starts at the age of one, not at Kindergarten. A child follows a very simple way to learn, speak and walk. That is, by observation and listening. No parent ever teaches a child, "A B C" to learn, speak and walk. At Acacia School, we teach our students to focus on observation and listening which will give them the ability to know, solve and live.

We thank you for visiting us and reading through our vision. We hope to see you in person so we can help your child, have a strong foundation.

Thank you.
Ana Mohamed
Acacia International High School Principal

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